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Fuengirola Speedboat

The Mediterranean coastline around Fuengirola positively bristles with top of the range speed craft. Take a powerful speed boat (skippered, of course - all you have to do is get in and enjoy the ride!) from Fuengirola Port and enjoy unrivalled views of all seven miles of the town's golden beaches. Well, enjoy them when you start. After your boat hits its top speed of 40 knots, you won't be looking at anything for more than a few seconds!

Built to thrill, your craft is piloted by an expert. After a few blasts along the Fuengirola coastline, she'll be happy to show you what the boat can really do...

Hold onto your hats, and take bets on how many of you will make it to dry land without a case of the heaves! Until you've aquaplaned over your own wash at speeds that make your face go rubbery, you haven't lived.

Hilarious fun for a stag party in the sun, we can't recommend this activity enough. After all, how many times in a chap's life does he get to play with big boy's toys in Mediterranean waters?

In a nutshell:

  • Skippered speed boat leaving from Fuengirola or nearby
  • Cruise the Costa del Sol at 40 knots
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