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Fuengirola Outdoor Karting

What's the point of coming on a stag weekend in the sun, then spending your Saturday afternoon indoors? Thanks to this quality outdoor kart track, you can still get involved with one of the most popular stag activities without missing out on the Fuengirola sunshine!

A massive 1.5km in length, this track has everything. It's one of Spain's biggest courses, and at a mere half hour drive from Fuengirola it won't make a dent in your afternoon. Pile into a minibus and make the effort.

Normally used for Spanish national kart races, the track also offers stag weekend Grand Prix events that are truly world class. You can get 20 karts on the starting grid, so expect to feel like you're in a proper F1 qualifier. Jockey for position, exploit those gaps and keep your foot down as long as you dare if you want to make it to the final!

The karts are state of the art, punchy and manoeuvrable. With a super low profile and wide wheelbase, they feel even faster than they really are.

Make it through 20 minutes of qualifiers, and you'll earn a place in the Grand Final. Have you got the cojones to hold your racing line?

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