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Fuengirola Beach Volleyball

Bronzed girls in tiny costumes diving into the sand, Topgun enthusiasts singing "Playing With the Boys" as loudly as they can - it can only mean one thing! Have a brilliant laugh on the Saturday afternoon of your stag party with a game of beach volleyball.

The greatest girl-meeting sport on earth, beach volleyball is basically all about having as much fun as you can as obviously as possible, until the ladies come over and ask to join in. And with 100 chilled brewskis up for grabs for the winners, there's more than just some casual banter at stake!

That's right, chaps, we're talking a proper volleyball tournament on Fuengirola beach here, with the time-honoured prize of lots of beer at stake for the winners. In addition to a beach volleyball net, balls and cones to mark out the pitch, we'll bring a great big chiller full of local brews down to make things more interesting.

We'll take your stag party to a secluded area of Fuengirola's huge sandy beach, where we'll set up the equipment and get you started. Divide the fellers into teams and press gang neighbouring hotties to join in. All together now: "Staying, playing with the boys...!"

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