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Fuengirola Beach Games

Fuengirola is famous for its beach - 7 stunning miles of soft sand, barely-clothed women and amazing ocean. Make the most of your stag weekend here with a full-on package of brilliant beach games!

Remember those games kits you had as a kid - the ones with bats and balls and rackets in a big plastic sack? Well, this is like that only grown up! We'll drop a massive selection of stuff off at your apartment or hotel: beach volleyball equipment, frisbees, footballs, cricket bats, tennis rackets, you name it and it's probably there. Head out into the Fuengirola sun for an afternoon of pure arsing around. Genius.

Beach games work wonders on the ladies. You'll have a game of volleyball or frisbee going in no time. Just don't do an Inbetweeners and brain someone with an Aerobie Pro!

What could be better than running around in the sun, breaking off for beers and banter, then running around some more? With dozens of different games to play, you won't get bored, and you'll get as much beach action out of the stag weekend as you can. Play until those hangovers have been well and truly sweated out, then cool off in the water.

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