Edinburgh VIP Night Club Entry

Edinburgh doesn't just do pubs, you know. Cowgate, Lothian Road and Grassmarket heave with clubbing options. And on Friday and Saturday nights, everywhere that's anywhere is super busy.

Cut to the chase with our VIP night club entry pass - a guaranteed queue jump, which gets you into one of the city's most popular venues, no questions asked! Doesn't matter how many of you there are - as long as you're complying with the dress code and not acting like dicks, you'll get straight through the door.

Nightclub fails are common on stag dos. If you haven't put some thought into where you're going to go, you can end up kicking your heels in the queue while everyone else is let in first. Or you get the dreaded look of death from the door staff, before being told that groups of men aren't allowed in all at once.

By pre booking a VIP club pass, you guarantee immediate entry to a club with plenty of stag do friendly action inside. These guys are set up to entertain stags and hens, and they love the VIP pass because it saves time fannying around with entry fees!

We've got multiple club options for you, too, so you can choose the venue best suited to the tastes of the stag do. Go for a modern electro and house venue if you like to dance like you're stacking shelves. Opt for the three room mainstream club if you want a little bit of everything. Or don your John Lennon shades and psychedelic Afro wig for a trip down memory lane, in a retro club that plays everything from Motown to 90s indie!

In a nutshell:

  • VIP entry to Edinburgh's best clubs

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