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Dusseldorf Ultimate Destruction

Smash. Bash. Crash. It's your stag do!

If you're planning a stag weekend for a groom who really needs to blow off some steam, we've just just the thing: Dusseldorf Ultimate Destruction. No, it isn't a bar crawl where you get so smashed you can't remember your name for a week. It's a physical activity where you seriously ruin a car with a variety of instruments.

Yeah, the stags might not be the ones doing all the wedding planning but they still get stressed when the future Mrs keeps talking about seating plans, dress fittings and what 'not' to do on your stag weekend. Release some tension by taking up sledge hammers!

Unleash the beast on your stag weekend...

When you arrive at the venue, your stag party will be greeted by a brilliant event coordinator. They'll take you through the safety briefing, hand out all your equpiment and gear and make sure everyone knows how it works. Put on your gloves, rock a pair of safety goggles and head towards your target.

In twos, you'll take on a knacker. Swing your sledgehammer and smash the windscreen to smithereens, remove the wing mirror in one hit and take out all your pent up frustration with a swing of the hammer. It's a brilliant way to bond your stag party and you can be sure they'll be talking about it long after the weddings finished.

In a nutshell:

  • Dusseldorf Ultimate Destruction
  • Event coordinators
  • Safety briefing, gloves & goggles
  • 2ppl at the care at a time
  • Allow 1.5hrs for this activity
  • Ask your stag party planner for further details
From Only £65.00 per Person
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