Derby Abseiling

The only way is down! Abseiling is one of the classic mountaineering/climbing techniques. Get the boys dangling from the end of a rope in the Derbyshire countryside, for a refreshingly adrenaline-fuelled afternoon.

Your stag party abseiling instructors will introduce you to the technique, get you comfortable in the harness, and then chuck you off a cliff or a really tall bridge! Can you make the leap of faith?

The instructors in this outdoor adventure company are the best in the business. They're experts not just at getting your stag party to understand what they're meant to do, but in putting everyone at their ease so they're more likely to take the drop. They'll arrange for your group to abseil in an absolutely epic spot in the countryside near Derby. You can launch yourselves into space over water, or over dry land.

You've probably seen people bouncing down the face of a rocky wall or building on an abseiling rope. But how about freefall abseiling in midair? If your stag party has the collective guts to go off a bridge, you'll be abseiling down to ground level using only the rope.

Go on, chaps! This is no time for excuses. Nut up and follow each other into the abyss.

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party abseiling lessons near Derby
  • Abseil over land or over water
  • Bridge abseil option
  • Experienced instructors
  • All necessary safety gear
  • Safety briefing
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