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Cardiff Whisky Tasting

Round up your sons of anarchy for a whiskey tasting stag do in Cardiff! Learn all a man needs to know about the drink of choice for bikers at a city centre bar that stocks some seriously fine blended and malt whiskies. What's Bourbon? How does it differ from Scotch? Sign up for this masterclass and go from prospects to presidents in 90 minutes.

Rock up to the bar, where a barman will be waiting to dish out words of wisdom and shots of the good stuff. Swap stories about epic whiskey sessions and break the ice with a few games before your whiskey buff teaches you all about the history of the drink and explodes a few myths surrounding it.

After the intro and a bit of background, get behind the bar and mix a couple of whiskey based drinks using professional techniques and bar tools.

When you're all up to speed on mixing, it's time to do a little whiskey tasting. Stag parties get to try six different whiskies, so you'll be well oiled by the end! There's a blind taste test to finish. Can you tell a really good whiskey from a low grade one?

Roll out of your whiskey tasting masterclass and carry on up Cardiff's buzzing West End for an epic stag night!

Whiskey tasting in Cardiff includes:

  • Private area of a city centre bar
  • Personal barman
  • Ice breakers
  • Blind tasting with 6 different varieties
  • Booby prizes
  • Certificates
  • Goodbye shot

*Minimum numbers apply.

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Whiskey Experience
Whats Included...
  • Whisky Tasting
  • VIP Meal and Club
  • 1 Night Accommodation
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