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Cardiff Surf and Sea Kayaking

The ultimate adrenaline combo, this is one of Cardiff's most extreme stag weekend activities! It also lasts for a full day, so if you want to find a way to really make the most of your Saturday, this is it.

You don't need any experience, and the only kit you have to bring is a pair of swimmers and a towel. The rest is provided for you - wetsuits and boards for surfing, flotation vests and craft if you want to try your hand at sea kayaking!

Wales is one of the UK's best surf destinations. Its coastline is hit by the same Atlantic waves you get in Devon and Cornwall. Its long, sweeping beaches are perfect for beginners, offering a combination of mellow peaks and snappy barrels. Ride the waves like a real surf dude, or strap yourself into a kayak to experience the rush of paddling into the whitewater!

When you arrive, your instructors will introduce you to the basics of both sports. Learn to pop up on the board, turtle roll your kayak, and read the waves as they come into the beach. Start paddling for shore while the wave is still building. As it catches you, dig those oars in, or stand up and feel the power...

In a nutshell:

  • Surfing and sea kayaking lessons
  • All safety equipment
  • Full day stag weekend activity
  • A short trip from Cardiff
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