Cardiff Quad Biking

It's easy to see why quad biking is so popular. Routinely top of the pops for a stag party Saturday, it's the perfect combination of action and relaxation! Sure, you're charging around the countryside on powerful quads, but hey - you're also sitting down. What more could a chap with a hangover want?

OK, so the reality of quad biking is a bit more intense. For a start, you'll be using your leg and core muscles just to stay on the thing. And when you pound into a corner at serious speeds, your arms are going to know about it too! But will you care? Hell no. You'll be too busy howling like a War Boy to give a second thought to that pesky headache...

You can't have a quad biking afternoon without mud, and there's plenty of that on the Cardiff course! With multiple quad tracks to play with, you'll be riding your vehicles through some of the most testing terrain in Wales.

There's a learner's circuit to get the chaps up to speed, and plenty of epic challenges to get stuck into once you've mastered the art of off roading. Instructors are fully qualified, and will be with you every step of the way. Gaze in awe at the views as you scramble across fields, then feel your heart leap into your mouth as you take a sudden drop. It's the ultimate stag party afternoon!

In a nutshell:

  • Safety briefing and instruction
  • Practice laps
  • All equipment
  • Race built quads

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