Cardiff Paintballing

War is hell - but paintballing is awesome. Make sure you factor in enough time for a spot of simulated combat on your stag weekend, and you'll be guaranteed to go home happy!

The Cardiff site pulls out all the stops to make you feel like your favourite first person shooter just popped out of your TV screen! We're talking multiple game scenarios, hi-tech equipment and enthusiastic instructors. It's like every awesome level of Goldeneye or Metal Gear Solid, only you get to fire actual bullets at actual people...

OK, so they aren't bullets so much as paint-filled gel projectiles - and they're not people, they're your friends. Which makes it even better! Hunt the stag into a corner and blast him into a rainbow-coloured wreck. Serves him right for getting married.

Cardiff's paintball centre has it all. With the latest markers and plenty of paintballs per chap, this stag weekend classic should be enough to get your war juices flowing.

Get involved in intense adventure scenarios, including hostage taking missions and last man standing-style games. Paintball is more than just a brilliant thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. It's a tradition. Show us your war face!

In a nutshell:

  • Markers, safety gear and paintballs
  • Multiple games
  • Experienced marshals
  • Trained first aid team
  • Brilliantly designed game terrain

Packages That Include This Activity:

Cardiff Stag Party Packages - Battlefield

From £134.00 Per Person

Cardiff Stag Party Packages - Licence to Thrill
Licence to Thrill

From £171.00 Per Person