Cardiff Man v Food

Cardiff has made a name for itself as the premier stag weekend destination in Wales, and one of the best in the UK. Its unbeatable combination of wild nightlife and easy access to spectacular countryside makes it a hot favourite with the cycling, hiking and outdoor lifestyle crowd. And with all those healthy daytime activities going on, there are plenty of restaurants specialising in big, hearty man dinners. None of them, though, come close to this one!

Gents, allow us to present the latest item on the stag weekend menu: the Man v Food stag challenge! Based on the legendary US TV hit, fronted by food junkie Adam Richman, this is the perfect end to a day filled with fresh air and fun in the mountains and hills outside Cardiff. The boys can choose from a menu of hearty American classics - and the groom gets to attempt a hefty food challenge. Pick from a list of home-grown contests, or ask us in advance and we'll get the chefs to build an unstoppable food monster just for you!

Will he conquer the slopes of Burgergeddon, or fall at the feet of the Stag v Dog mountain? Will the pulled pork pull him down, or the burger buns get him in the end?

The restaurant's right in the middle of Cardiff, so it's perfect for heading on to the pubs, bars and clubs afterwards. Just don't expect the stag to move too quickly!

Packages That Include This Activity:

Cardiff Stag Do Ideas - Man V Food
Man v Food Experience

From £132.00 Per Person