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Cardiff Beer Goggle Football

Softer. Lamer. Slower. Weaker!

Beer goggle football is the opposite of the famous Daft Punk track. It's also pretty much the funniest Cardiff stag activity since bubble football came to Wales. Reckon you could do cone drills and score goals if you had your drunk glasses on? Time to find out. If you take nothing seriously, love football and don't mind looking a right tit in the name of comedy, this is the event for your stag. Everything is booked and provided by us: pitch, gear, equipment, instructor and goggles that will make you feel like you've chugged a pint of Cheeky Vimto in 10 seconds.

The event facilitator will give you all a chance to get used to the crazy sensation you get from wearing the goggles. It's pretty freaky! When you can sort of walk in a straight-ish line, the fun and games will keep on coming for 60 hilarious minutes.

This is perfect for the Saturday afternoon of a Cardiff stag. You're bound to feel well rough after a big night out round Cardiff's infamous East End. Beer goggle football is the perfect hangover activity. You don't have to be good or even particularly fit to play. This one is all about clowning.

Fortunately, this is a private event just for your group so no one else will see you miss a clear shot at goal or stack it in epic style. Unless some bright spark in the stag party decides to create video and upload it to social media. You know that's going to happen, right? Good. Let's get it on!

In a nutshell:

  • 1-hour event
  • Hire of sports court or playing field
  • Event facilitator
  • All games equipment is included
  • Bubbly
  • Squad photo
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