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Cancun Track Experience

You know you're on a proper stag party track day when you get taken out for recon laps. In a Camaro SS. More powerful than most standard track cars, this mad-as-balls Yankee monster is just your warm-up vehicle! Gentlemen, welcome to the Cancun Speedway...

Take your driving to the limit with some of the most desired cars on the planet! Once you've recovered from the recon drive (the purpose of which is to get you familiar with the turns and straights you'll be hammering in your main ride), you get to pick from a veritable Who's Who of supercars. Go for a 911 if you want a classic experience, an Audi R8 if you want to leave half your face behind when you come out of a turn and a Ferrari F430 for some sophisticated Italian thrills!

You'll get the privilege of riding shotgun through the recon session, while an experienced pro handles the SS through every heart-stopping turn and face-melting straight. Imagine being a passenger in the Stig's qualifying laps and you'll get the idea.

Then it's back to the training room to go through some race theory and choose your supercar. Make sure you listen hard to the performance boffins as they take you through the finer points of driving on the Cancun circuit. The insider information they give will make all the difference when you're putting a Ferrari into a sideways slide out of a sweeping bend!

In a nutshell:

  • Insane stag party track day
  • Drive genuine supercars on the Cancun Speedway
  • Theory lessons
  • Recon lap in a Camaro SS
  • Full safety gear
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