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Bucharest VIP Sauna Party

Chaps, it's about time you understood the true meaning of "VIP"! Forget about getting to the front of nightclub queues, or receiving table service in swanky bars. Real Veeps get naked chicks, tons of food and private sauna parties. Woot woot!

Find out how Bucharest's rock stars live with a fully-loaded sauna package that ticks all the stag party boxes! Not only do you get to kill the remainders of last night's hangover with sweet healing steam, you also get to party with Romanian beauties, drink a ton of lovely cold beverages and eat until your eyes bubble.

All that would be plenty for the average shindig - but remember, you're playing with the VIP set now! Once the groom has been toasted, the banquet well and truly nailed and the girls socialised with, there's still the big finish to enjoy...

Your lovely guests will get rid of what little clothing they have left, and let you watch while they get fruity. And if that doesn't float every single boat in the stag party, there's no hope for you.

In a nutshell:

  • Epic VIP sauna party in Bucharest
  • Food and drinks
  • Strippers to hang out with
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