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Bucharest Tandem Sky Diving

Bungee jump? Not high enough. Paragliding? Meh. If you want to do something mad as balls on your Bucharest stag do that'll literally get you higher than a kite, it has to be tandem sky diving. Jump out of a plane at 3000m and freefall for 30 seconds before plummeting back to ground level. Intense? Hell yes. Scary. Yes but that's half the fun. Make the jump and you'll feel like a super badass.

Marginally less terrifying than a solo jump, this is ideal if you've never experienced sky diving before. It's an incredible experience that begins the moment you're picked up in Bucharest. The build up to the actual jump is exciting in itself. It's all about the anticipation! You'll be fully briefed by a qualified instructor before you go up in the plane. All the equipment is supplied. We lay on transport and a guide comes with you. All you need is big balls. We're talking massive.

Those few seconds when you're standing on the edge waiting to jump? Hella scary. But the sweet rush of exhilaration when you're freefalling and suspended in the air is pure magic and worth every moment. The views are spectacular. Fields, buildings and roads look like Lego bricks...then all of a sudden your landing point comes into focus and you're back in the thick of it.

Imagine being able to say you went sky diving in Romania on your last weekend as a single lad. It really doesn't get any more impressive or epic than that.

In a nutshell:

  • Tandem sky diving
  • Jump from 3000m
  • Freefall for 30 seconds
  • Full briefing
  • Instructor
  • All equipment is provided
  • 1 beer afterwards
  • Transfers
  • Guide
  • Option to have your jump recorded
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