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Brno Target Shooting

If your bro likes his big boys toys, do him a solid and take him target shooting on his Brno stag weekend. We're talking AK-47s and shotguns, baby! Plus 50 shots each. He'll owe you for years for this. A professional instructor will show you how to lock and load. Pop off a few rounds and see if you can actually hit anything. Even if you don't fill the target sheet full of holes it will still be badass.

On the day, you'll be met by a guide in central Brno and taken to the shooting range on public transport. When you arrive, an instructor will do the whole safety briefing bit, supply you with any necessary protective gear, and then get the target shooting party started. On a serious note, safety is top of the list. You'll learn to shoot an AK-47 and a shotgun safely. Choose from the following shotguns: 9mm Luger, Glock, Ruger or a CZ 75. It's a tough call but there's no wrong choice here. They're all good.

When you've got the basic techniques down, it's time to do some proper shooting with live ammo. 50 bullets is a decent amount but it's easy to get carried away when you're shooting with an AK! You have a finite amount of shots so remember the golden rule of shooting: make 'em count.

Who will be top gun on the Brno stag weekend? It's crunch time!

In a nutshell:

  • Target shooting
  • AK47
  • Choice of 4 shotguns
  • 50 rounds each
  • Instruction
  • Transfers (public)
  • Guide
From Only £108.00 per Person
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