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Brno Shooting WW2 Package

WW2 shooting is a good enough reason on its own to have a stag weekend in Brno. One of the best things about the Czech Republic is that you can do stuff here you can't do at home. Like shoot guns used by the Soviet Army during the Second World War. You get 50 shots and a choice of four guns: Schpagin assault rifle, a Tokarev pistol or the AK-47, which, let's face it, is probably the way you're going to go because it's the most badass.

Before you can step up and shoot you've got to get the basic techniques sorted. A professional instructor will show you how to shoot the gun of your choice safely. Find out where the safety is and discover the right way to stand, hold and of course, load your weapon. The instructor will demonstrate everything and then invite you to step up and take your shots.

Who will keep his cool and hit the targets? Who will let his itchy trigger finger get the better of him? Shooting is a huge buzz. We're talking massive! It's very easy to get carried away and waste your shots. You get 50. Don't fall into the temptation to unload the lot at once. Make them count.

Real shooting with actual Soviet guns and live ammo. Come on! This has to be done. Give us the signal and we'll get it sorted for your stag weekend in Brno.

In a nutshell:

  • WW2 shooting with guns used by the Soviet Army
  • Professional instructor
  • AK-47 and 4 guns
  • 50 bullets
  • Return transfers
  • Guide
From Only £108.00 per Person
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