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Brno Sexy Wake Up Call

A sexy wakeup call from a hot Czech stripper, one of the hottest things to happen to anyone, ever. If you want to treat your bro big time on his Brno stag weekend, this will put a smile on his face. After he's got over the initial shock of course! She'll hammer on the door and demand he open up. He will brick it, thinking he's going to be spending a night in the cells. Until he sees her and realises that he's in for a very different kind of night!

Everyone's in on it except the stag. You'll all be staying in the hotel but he won't have a clue about what's in store for him. If you get everyone going on the Brno stag weekend to chuck in some cash, you can split the cost of the stripper. You get to feel good about doing him a solid before he says "I do", and he gets a private audience with a Czech hottie who's got a great body. Everyone's happy.

This is the kind of stunt that will go down in stag history. Tell us when you're in Brno and we'll reach out to our contacts.

In a nutshell:

  • Stripper gives a sexy wake-up call in his hotel room
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