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Brno Ice Bar

Located slap bang in the middle of Brno near Freedom Square, the Ice Bar serves vodka, Jager and beer in special glasses made of ice, at -20 degrees. This is one of those quirky, different and really funny things you've got to do on a Brno stag party. Stuff sticks to ice. There's always that one guy who has to play the comedian and lick the wall so get the phone cams primed and ready to go! It's a popular tourist attraction, so you really need to book in advance. Tell us when you're coming over. We'll get you in there. Entry includes a drink, which you know will be nice and chilled. The possibility of getting a warm beer is as low as the temperature.

The Ice Bar is a bar within a bar. This is a really strange and cool (literally) kind of place. If you've never done anything like this before, it will spin you out a bit but in a good way. Everything is ice: walls, glasses, shelves, furniture, you name it; they've frozen it solid. Hence the room being kept at the kind of temperatures you get in Russia.

The Ice Bar is a lot of fun and something you won't forget, which makes it a no brainer for a Brno stag party. You won't remember every pub and bar you drank in during the weekend but you'll definitely remember this one.

In a nutshell:

  • Admission to the Brno Ice Bar
  • Welcome drink
From Only £22.00 per Person
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