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Brno Football Tournament

You may be on a Brno stag weekend but that doesn't mean youcan't get a decent game in. Sweat off those first night hangovers you earnedfrom bar hopping round Freedom Square and Veveri Street, and get the boys backon top form on the pitch. A football tournament will soon get the blood pumpingand adrenaline levels up. It's what Saturday afternoons were made for. Get offthe beer and on the pitch.

We will hire an outdoor pitch, source a ball, and get one of ourBrno guides to escort you to the venue on public transport. No messing abouttrying to find it yourself after a night on the Czech beer! Once you're there,it's time to decide on teams. The best man and the stag have to play onopposing teams, it's the unwritten rule. Toss a coin to see which team kicksoff and then it's game on. Show off yoursuperior football skills, settle a few old scores and satisfy the competitiveanimal within. Get a bunch of guys together and we will compete. It's in ournature. Football is the perfect way to scratch the itch. It's also great forbonding, banter and igniting the old team spirit. Exactly what you want on fora Brno stag weekend.

Split into teams and get competitive. The losing side buys thepost-match beers!

In a nutshell:

  • Football tournamentin Brno
  • Outdoor pitch hire
  • 1 hour
  • Ball
  • Use of showers
  • Transfers (publictransport)
  • Guide
From Only £34.00 per Person
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