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Brno Escape Room

Entering the escape room is easy. Getting out is anything but! Escape games are everywhere. See what they're like in the Czech Republic by doing an escape room on your Brno stag weekend. Fascinating, frustrating, immersive and exciting, this is a tense race against time to get out of a locked room stuffed with clues, puzzles and stuff that may or may not help you escape before your 60 minutes are up.

There are three escape room challenges to choose from. It's five to a room so if all rooms are free, you can have 15 people playing in the venue at the same time. Rooms have themes. We won't give the game away (it's a big no-no in the escape room world) but we can tell you that it will be mysterious, exciting and full of head-scratchers! What's important and what's not? What does the padlock open? What's in that box? All the little puzzles are like a trail of breadcrumbs that lead you to the big goal: freedom!

Team work is the only way to win. That's one of the things that makes this activity ideal for a Brno stag weekend. You won't have a hope in hell of escaping if you don't work together. You need to be all over this to beat the clock. Pool your talents, bust out your special skills and smash it.

Can you beat the room at its own game? Time to find out!

In brief:

  • Escape room in Brno
  • 1 hour to find your way out
  • 3 rooms at the venue
  • 5 to a team
  • City centre location, no need for transfers
  • Guide (one way)
From Only £32.00 per Person
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