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Bristol Zombie Shooting

Can you and your mates defeat the zombie menace? It's time to nut up and find out! When it comes to badass activities for a Bristol stag do, zombie shooting is top of the list. As Jeremy Thompson says in Shaun of the Dead, there are only two ways to off a zombie and that's by 'removing the head or destroying the brain.' In the film, Shaun had little more than a baseball bat and some bad 80s records. You lucky lot will get axes, assault rifles and crossbows.

You need to set aside half a day of your Bristol stag do for zombie shooting. Instruction is included and all necessary equipment provided. Come get some!

Axe Throwing

    Get medieval on the zombie menace with axe throwing! Guns are all very well and good but what if you run out of ammo? You don't have that problem with an axe. Before you go old school on the zombies, you'll learn basic axe throwing skills and techniques. Ever wondered how they get the axes to spin as they fly through the air in the movies? Now's your chance to have a go. Move further away from the target and see if you can hit a zombie from a distance.

    Assault Rifles

      Lock 'n load and pump an entire magazine into the undead. The guys will never forget the time you all went on a Bristol stag do and learned to shoot actual assault rifles. You'll receive one-to-one instruction. Discover how to hold an assault rifle like a pro, line a target up in your sights on the range, and then open fire on 3D zombie targets.


        When it comes to zombie shooting, crossbows are particularly effective. More exciting than your average bow and arrow, these bad boys are fast, powerful and precise. A steady hand and unshakeable cool under pressure is a must for this one. Learn essential crossbow shooting skills and then have a go at shooting at zombie targets. Could you survive the zombie apocalypse with just a crossbow? Time to find out!

        Exploding Archery

          A favourite activity for a Bristol stag do, archery is a very handy skill to have. Especially if you're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The instructors will teach you to shoot and give you tips on how to be a consistent shot. Then it's time for a little zombie shooting! There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the undead targets explode. Stags 1, Zombies 0.

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  • Zombie Shooting
  • Bar Crawl Babes
  • One Night Accommodation
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