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Bristol Turbo Cricket

Make sure your bro has a good innings

It's the new game that takes an old school sport and turns it on its head. It's Bristol Turbo Cricket and it's the best sport to hit the city since surfing the Severn Bore became a thing. No special gear and no experience required. This is a 10 overs per innings game that's played with a soft ball. The rules have been mixed up to make things speedier and more engaging than your standard match. In this version, you have to bowl. No excuses. However, there's no limit on the number of times you can bat. Be warned, though: fail to retire at 20 and you'll be stung by a 10-run forfeit.

Don't get stumped!

There's other clever little twists as well. Like a six being worth 10 runs. And big bonus overs, when you can score double runs. Take advantage and get ahead. The team with the highest score wins. Watch out for penalties and remember that you have a joker to play. Godfather of cricket WG Grace probably wouldn't approve of such shenanigans but this is Bristol Turbo Cricket, not a test match situation. We'll assume he won't turn in his grave just yet!

Choose your team, get on the pitch and show the other side how to get runs and take wickets.

In a nutshell:

  • High-speed cricket with chances to score double runs
  • Fun take on the traditional format
  • Activity lasts approximately 1 hour
  • Dedicated event instructor
  • Bibs, bats, wickets and bails are provided
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