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Bristol Man v Food

We've taken a leaf out of Adam Richman's deliciously deep fried programme, and created a stag party challenge based on the successful Food Network TV series Man v Food! While everyone else on the stag gets to choose from a menu of delectable American style favourites, the groom must battle his way through a bona fide food challenge. Get your phones out, boys - this is going to be hilarious!

We've picked a top Bristol bar and grill for the scene of your man's battle with the carb wall. You get to choose in advance which crazy challenge he'll be attempting on his stag party. Will it be the Burgergeddon, the Stag v Dog, or a custom built fight to the death with a menu item of your choice? Let your stag party co-ordinator know in advance if your boy has any allergies, or special dietary requirements, and the chefs here will cook up an unconquerable feast to your specifications!

Your Man v Food stag challenge is ideal for the first night of your weekend. The boys get to meet, greet and get to know each other: and the stag gets a great chance to put some carbs in the pot before it all gets a bit crazy. Fuel him up for the madness ahead with the biggest meal in Bristol!

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