Bristol Electric Shock Football

Be the hand of God for a few mean minutes!

Electric shock football is top of the league of bonkers Bristol stag activities. Imagine a world in which you could actually give players and referee electric shocks for crimes against football. Imagine no more. Shit just got very real.

If that sounds like your idea of awesome, we'll sort you out with a venue, coordinator, referee, bibs, ball, and little electric shock widgets that let players know when they've got on your bad side! If you're holding the widgets, you get to decide who gets shocked and when. Control the whole damn game and feel like an evil overlord. Don't forget that the event coordinator will swap you round. So remember the old rule: if you can't take it, don't dish it out. Or do, because where's the fun in that?

Is it a bit mean? Absolutely. Will anyone get hurt? Nah! Well, maybe a teensy weensy little bit. But it's just a little shock, nothing serious. Pride will be the only thing that's really wounded here. There's not much you can do about an electric shock. You might try and tough it out but chances are you'll scream at an embarrassingly high pitch and look a bit girly. It's all in the name of comedy. And that's what makes electric shock football an inspired choice for a Bristol stag do.

In a nutshell:

  • Electric shock football in Bristol
  • Everyone must be over 18 - this is important
  • Event lasts for 1 hour
  • Your very own event coordinator
  • Referee
  • All equipment is provided
  • Photo of your group

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Bristol Stag Do Ideas - Electric Shock Football
Shock and Awe
Whats Included...
  • Electric Shock Football
  • Bar Crawl Babes
  • Two Nights Accommodation
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From £203.00 Per Person
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