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Bristol Cigar Tasting

A Gentleman's Farewell to Bachelorhood

Alright, lads! If you’ve been pondering how to amp up the activities for your big stag do in Bristol, consider this golden ticket: Cigar tasting. Forget the generic nights out, its time to channel Churchill and get a whiff of what the high life feels like. Ready to puff your way into stag history? Let’s break down the deal: every mate gets premium cigar. None of those corner-shop knockoffs, were talking the real, hand-rolled deal here. And because no good story ever started with a glass of water, there’s a drink for everyone. Whisky, rum, or even a cold pint.

Now for those think they’ll end up looking like a lost puppy trying to light up their cigar, fear not! The packages got your sorted with cutters, lighters, matches and ashtrays. For the keen beans, there’s even an information booklet so you can school your pals with fancy cigar facts. But it isn’t just about smoking, its an education, lads. Learn how to prep and enjoy your cigar properly. Dive deep into the world of tobacco, its history, and the various regions that produce these masterpieces. By the end, you’ll be talking terroirs and tobacco leaves like a season aficionado,

Toasts, Tobacco & Tying the Knot

Got a rowdy group? No worries. The experience caters to groups of 10 or more. Plus, venue hire is sorted. If you’re looking to elevate the stag game, a cigar tasting session in Bristol is the way to go. Its classy, its memorable, and you get to look dapper wile doing it. Cheers to and epic stag party! 

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