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Bristol BBQ

Up for some serious adrenaline activities on your Bristol stag weekend? You won't want to mess around trying to find grub at lunchtime, then. Make the most of your opportunities to drive, jump, shoot stuff and generally misbehave in the woods: book a BBQ for the halfway mark of your day, and keep on truckin'!

The outdoor activity centre we use for our Bristol stag weekend packages is perfect in every way. It's only 15 minutes in a car from the city centre, it's got 250 acres of beautiful West Country scenery surrounding it - and there's a BBQ catering service there that will blow your tiny minds.

We're talking Cumberland sausages of epic proportions, grilled to absolute smoky perfection over white hot coals. Homemade coleslaw replete with giant chunks of carrot, cabbage and onion, pillowed in a creamy mayo. Potato salad so tasty you'll want to take it home with you and cuddle. Ingredients are locally sourced from Bristol suppliers wherever possible.

The stag weekend lunch that never stops giving, a BBQ is the ultimate feed to finish off hangovers, restore energy after a tiring morning firing paintballs at the groom, and fuel up for an afternoon among the axes and arrows. Viking warriors, we salute you!

Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Bristol.

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