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Bournemouth Vodka Tasting

Get stuck into the top shelf spirits from the word go with vodka tasting. Stag parties up for an encounter of the alcoholic kind can sign up for this masterclass and get nicely smashed on six different types of premium vodka from around the world. The session starts with a crash course in the history of Russia's biggest export so you'll genuinely be able to say you learned something on your lads weekend away.

So, where can a chap try vodka tasting? Bournemouth is the place to be if you fancy this one. We know a cracking little bar near Bournemouth beach that stocks some of the best vodkas in Britain. Sharpen your palate and broaden your booze horizons.

This masterclass gets straight to the point with a vodka cocktail on arrival. When you've quaffed that, your vodka connoisseur will give you a few facts and explode some myths. Think all vodkas taste the same? Think again. The blindfold tasting challenge will see you knock back standard and premium vodkas. Can you tell the difference between the premium quality vodka and the one that belongs in the bargain bin?

There are wooden spoons for the plebs who can't identify the good shizzle and the whole group gets a head start on the stag night celebrations. Boom!

Vodka tasting in Bournemouth includes:

  • Reserved area of a town centre bar
  • Private barman
  • 1 vodka cocktail on arrival
  • 6 shots each
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