Bournemouth VIP Lap Dancing

Nothing says "stag party" like beautiful ladies in the altogether! When the time comes for some saucy entertainment, make sure you give your main man a VIP experience.

No-one wants to hang around where boobies are concerned. Forget sobering up in a massive queue, or being grilled by insolent door staff. We've picked Bournemouth's classiest lap dancing joint for your VIP pass.

Getting in is simple. Roll straight to the front of the queue, and show your pass to the friendly bouncers. They'll unclip the magic velvet rope, and let you right in!

The sights awaiting your stag party inside this place are definitely for adults only. The girls are approachable and fun, the decor's first rate and the routines will leave nothing to the imagination! We're talking athletic pole dancing, topless shows and as much private action as the groom can handle.

Your VIP pass gets you reserved seating and table service, so you don't even need to go to the bar yourself. Though with equally hot ladies serving the champers, you might want to...

Do your buddy a favour, and hook him up with the good stuff one last time. He's getting married! This is the ultimate gift from stag party to groom. And you lot get to feast your eyes as well. Yum.

In a nutshell:

  • VIP entry to the best lap dancing club in Bournemouth

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