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Poker night

Bournemouth Poker Night

Picture this: you and your mates, dressed to kill like Bond, playing poker at a private table in Bournemouth's primo casino! The game lasts around two hours and we've thrown in a buffet. An excellent choice for a Bournemouth stag weekend, poker night is a classic activity that takes a cool head and balls of steel. Step up to the poker table and see if you can play your way to winning the pot.

Poker night is a man institution! Forget skydiving and skyscraper burgers, poker is the definitive test of manliness. It takes guts and skill to keep your hand to yourself, make the most of what you've got and read the other players in the game correctly. Go easy on the Martinis, stay sharp and see if you can survive until the end. Who will be the last two players standing? Will the winner have a Royal Flush or just be a brilliant bluffer? The beauty of poker night is that anything can and will happen.

If you want to upgrade your Bournemouth stag do and give it some Bond-style sophistication, a poker night is just the job. Decide on a cash pot, get everyone to chip in, and then proceed to annihilate your mates. Walk away with the pot and then blow it all on beer and champagne in the time honoured stag night tradition. Easy come, easy go!

In a nutshell:

  • Private poker table at Bournemouth's best casino
  • Professional poker dealer
  • All equipment supplied
  • Includes a buffet for your group
  • Option to extend to 3 hours with a 'learn to play poker' tutorial

Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Bournemouth.

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