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Bournemouth Military Vehicle Driving

Military vehicle driving on your stag do? Hell yeah!

Remember when you were five and all you wanted to do was drive army vehicles? Now you can live the dream with your mates on your Bournemouth stag do. Military vehicle driving is a thing now, and it's super awesome! You will get to drive ex-military vehicles at an off road site in the New Forest just outside Bournemouth. These guys have everything plenty of ex military vehicles including the Austin Champ Jeep and the ultimate Humber Armoured Personal Carrier. It'll take guts, skill and control to tame the vehicles used by the military.

Are your driving skills up to snuff?

Obviously you'll need a little instruction! The site is manned by professional instructors who know everything about their collection of military vehicles. Choose the vehicle if you want a completely different kind of driving experience. How will you do with no conventional controls and the whopping great steering wheel?

If you want something fantastic that's guaranteed to make the groom grin from ear-to-ear and amaze the boys, add military vehicle driving to your Bournemouth stag do package. Military vehicle driving will give you one hell of a power trip. Sign up and play with some really big boys toys.

In a nutshell:

  • Learn how to drive ex-Army vehicles
  • Off road course
  • Genuine ex-army vehicles including the Austin Champ Jeep, Land Rover 101 Forward Control, Humber Armoured Personal Carrier.
  • Professional instruction included
  • Manual driving licence required
  • Approx between 6-20 people
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