Bournemouth Human Table Football

Comedy activities were made for the Saturday afternoon of a stag do! When the chaps need a pick-me-up and enthusiasm levels are at their lowest, the smart man's answer is human table football. As in, the pub game, but life size and absolutely mental. Up for it?

There's nothing not to love about human table football. Utterly mad, totally hilarious and full of fresh air, it's as competitive as the real thing but much, much harder!

We've faithfully recreated the hallowed turf of a fooseball table, using inflatable sides and goals and bendy metal poles. The teams must keep their hands on the bars at all times, and there's no turning or going forwards and backwards. Every feller on the pitch is treated exactly like he's two inches high and made from plastic!

Ideally, your stag do should comprise between 10 and 12 people to make a good human table football game. Don't worry if there are more of you, though. The staff at our Bournemouth activity centre will either run a single game with rolling subs, or divide you up into smaller teams for a tournament.

At some point on your stag do, you're going to have to leave the pub. But that no longer means you have to leave your favourite pub game behind. Strap yourself onto the nearest bar, get your shuffle on!

In a nutshell:

  • Ball and bibs
  • Inflatable human table football pitch
  • Referee

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