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Bournemouth Game of Stags

Reckon you could thrash the Hound or beat Jon Snow in a sword fight? Step up to the plate with a Game of Thrones style stag do! Gather your band of bloodthirsty warriors and get stuck into axe throwing, assault rifles, exploding archery and crossbow shooting at a woodland activity centre located a 30-minute drive from Bournemouth beach.

Axe throwing is the ultimate in chest beating stag party activities. Feel the sweet rush of wielding an actual axe and sending it flying into a traditional wooden target with an ear-splitting 'thwack'! Manly roaring is mandatory for this one.

Next up, it's assault rifles. These are special licence automatic MP5s not glorified Nerf blasters. Bournemouth is one of the only places in the UK where you can get your mitts on one of these bad boys so grab the opportunity with both hands and fill that target full of holes.

Archery is the third challenge you'll face on your Bournemouth stag weekend. The mad dudes at the activity centre have added exploding targets and pyrotechnics to spice things up a bit. Hit the bullseye and the target will erupt in a ball of flame. Boom!

Crossbow shooting is the grand finale of Game of Stags. Settle old quarrels and battle it out to become crossbow king as you compete in a target shooting competition that sorts the men from the boys. When you're done, head back to Bournemouth town centre for a few well earned tankards in the pubs. Smashed it.

No experience needed, just balls of steel and a Game of Stags war name.

All activities include professional instruction and equipment hire.

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Viking Weekend

Whats Included...
  • Game of Stags
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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