Bournemouth Football Darts

Whilst in Bournemouth on a stag weekend, it's about makingthe most of the sea breeze and get those lungs nice and airy. After all, it'sjust what the doctor ordered after a heavy night! It's the latest and hottest activity to hit the stag scene, combining two of the UK's favouritesports. Football and darts!

Including a ridiculously large inflatable dart board, velcroballs and your own events coordinator to keep the score, what's not to loveabout this game? It's exactly what you'd expect it to be and easy fun followinga heavy night. Unleash the lads egos and see who really can hit bulls eye.Let's face it, everyone loves a good challenge!

In a nutshell:

  • Football meets darts
  • Large inflatable dart board and Velcro footballs
  • Event staff to keep the score
  • Group photo
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