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Bournemouth Electric Shock Football

Just when you thought the beautiful game couldn't get anybetter, along comes electric shock football. Ideal for a Bournemouth stagweekend, this is comedy gold. Imagine being able to play manager and shock theplayers for fouls and misconduct. Well, now you can. No joke. Some total geniuscame up with the idea of taking the 5-a-side format and amping it up. Withelectric shock gizmos! For each game, two of you will be spectators. Armed withthese juiced up toys, you can shock both players and referee when you want. Nomore holding your head in your hands when play doesn't go your way. Press yourbuzzer when the urge strikes and be a football megalomaniac for a few minutes!

Note that we said 'for each game'. That means shockers andplayers rotate. Fair's fair. An event coordinator will lead the games and makesure everything doesn't descend into chaos. Sort of. Playing is an experience.Holding those gizmos and handing out the shocks will have you in fits oflaughter! Everyone has a different reaction. Some jump. Others do a littledance. Some try and play it cool. Remember to charge at least one phone becausethe video will be damn funny.

To say it's a shocker would be an understatement! Electricshock football takes big balls. If that sounds like you, let us know and we'llsort it for your Bournemouth stag weekend.

In a nutshell:

  • Electric shock football event in Bournemouth
  • All participants must be 18+
  • Coordinator for your event
  • Hire of the venue for 1 hour
  • Team bibs are provided
  • Ball supplied
  • Electric shock gizmos
  • Big group photo
  • Maximum group size is 15
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