Bournemouth Clay Pigeon Shooting

You know what else there is in Bournemouth, besides lots of sea and about ten million nightclubs? Countryside. Loads of the stuff. We smell an opportunity to dress as squires and shoot stuff!

There's nothing like donning the tweed waistcoat and cravat before an afternoon of destruction. And at this quality shoot, you're guaranteed an absolutely top hole experience! With a one on one tutor taking you through the finer points of aiming and shooting, you're bound to explode a few clays before the afternoon is over.

Brilliantly, the chaps at this shoot start your stag party session with a check for eye dominance. Pointing out which eye you aim best with, it can make all the difference. Listen to the instructors, follow their lead and you'll get your eye in quickly and accurately.

Not far from Bournemouth, this countryside shoot is hosted in stunning grounds and kitted out with the latest equipment. Automatic traps take care of business, and if the weather's not great you'll be firing from cover to keep you dry.

Clay pigeon shooting is a winner of a stag party activity, and the only one we've ever seen where you actually look like you belong in a pair of baggy herringbone trousers! Make sure you turn up sober, or it's no guns for you.

In a nutshell:

  • Safety briefing and instruction
  • One to one tuition
  • Eye dominance check
  • Fitting for your gun
  • Clays and ammo

Packages That Include This Activity:

Bournemouth Stag Party Packages - Driving and Shooting
Driving and Shooting

From £231.00 Per Person

Bournemouth Stag Party Packages - Driving Combo
Driving Combo

From £230.00 Per Person

Bournemouth Stag Party Packages - Ready Aim Fire
Ready Aim Fire

From £214.00 Per Person

Ultimate Challenge

From £249.00 Per Person