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Bournemouth Cigar Tasting

Groom's Cigar Gala

If you’re gearing up for a stag do that echoes class, sophistication, and a touch of the James bond vibe, Bournemouth’s cigar tasting experience is where you want to be. Forget the usual pub crawls; were talking about a proper gentleman’s night out. And by gentleman, we mean the kind who knows his cohibas from his Montecristo’s!

Kick off you’re evening by striding into one of Bournemouth’s suave venues. You’ll each be handed a premium cigar-no cheap smokes here, boys. As you roll that beauty between your fingers, feel the weight of tradition, luxury, and just a smidge of rebellions. But what’s a cigar without a drink to pair it with? As you savour your first smoky puff, take a sip from your complementary drink, and relish the rich symphony of flavours. Were talking stag sophistication at its finest. 

Cigars, Stags, & Brandy Swags

No worries if you’re a cigar newbie. The packs got cutters, lighters, matches, and ashtrays to get you started, not to mention a handy information booklet to guide you through the rituals of preparation and smoking. No faffing about trying to figure things out; you’ll look like seasoned pros in no time. And for those with a thirst of knowledge, there’s professional education on the menu. Dive deep into the world of tobacco, explore its various regions, and uncover tales of its rich history. 

So, if you’re hunting for the ultimate stag do night out with a touch of class, this is our golden ticket. Light up, drink up, and puff away like the kings you are! 

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