Bournemouth Blindfold 4x4 Driving

How much do you trust your fellow stags? You'll have to put your faith in everything they say, when you're behind the wheel of a Land Rover with a blindfold over your eyes!

A massive hit with our stags in Bournemouth, blindfold 4x4 driving is exactly as crazy as it sounds. You'll be tooled up with goggles that completely cut out your vision, and placed in the driving seat of a powerful off road vehicle. There's a beautiful instructor in the seat next to you, who has a full set of controls to rescue you if everything goes a bit Pete Tong - but if you listen to the advice from your back seat drivers, you won't need her!

Bearing in mind your co-pilots will probably be feeling the beer they knocked back last night, it's advisable to start slowly. The chaps will soon get into the groove, though, and help you navigate an obstacle course in a field outside Bournemouth. Act on their instructions with total faith and you'll conquer the challenge in record time.

Amazing for building team spirit amongst your stag party, blindfold 4x4 driving is also a quality prank to pull on the groom. Let slip that you've arranged something to do with driving, and he'll rock up with visions of Ferraris and track days in his head. Imagine the look on his face when he sees a blindfold, a Land Rover, and a muddy field!

In a nutshell:

  • Instruction, safety briefing, blindfold
  • Co-pilot has controls in case of emergency

Packages That Include This Activity:

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