Bournemouth 2 Course Meal

Guess what, chaps? Bournemouth is no longer the stronghold of the blue rinse brigade! What used to be the destination of choice for pensioners and retired dudes is now stag party central. And that means epic restaurants serving hearty portions of man-nosh with all the extras you expect.

We've found a rocking place right in the middle of town, which does a smashing 2 course menu for a stag party on the go. You'll love the menu here, which includes all the ultimate stag pleasers. Get your gnashers around some of the finest food known to chap, including hefty burgers and spicy fajitas. There are dozens of side dishes to choose from, and with a menu that's always changing to reflect current trends you can be sure of finding your favourite signature dish.

One of the sides you're guaranteed to find here is a delicious, tall, cool bottle of quality lager. Pick your favourite from a list of winners and suck down some nectar to accompany your big fat dins.

Bournemouth gets cranked up quickly on a Friday and Saturday night - which can make a 2 course dinner the way to go. You'll get more than enough food to satisfy those hungry tums, without endangering the precious beer space in your chap fuel tank!

In a nutshell:

  • Reservations at a restaurant in central Bournemouth
  • 2 course meal
  • 1 drink each

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