Winter Stag Weekends & Party Ideas

Feel The Chill And Thrill On Your Winter Stag Do

While the summer time has its perks, the scorching heat, sunburns and humidity are bound to get to you after a while. So when the summers in your city get too intense, take your stag to cities where the weather is cool and balmy enough to give you the much needed respite from the heat. A winter stag do in a snow covered city adds a twist to the groom's perfect send-off.

Winter stags can enjoy a great variety of snow based madness. If you're the best man who is in charge of booking a winter stag do for the groom and the lads, you should get your skates on already.

How To Plan A Perfect Winter Stag Do?

While the stags are excited to brave the icy chill of the cold destinations, executing the perfect winter stag do requires a lot of planning. The most important thing is setting up a budget and sticking to it to avoid any financial crisis on your weekend. Next comes finalising the destinations. If you're from a cooler region, you may either spend the weekend in your city exploring the winter activities, or head to a destination abroad.

Some of the best winter stag do destinations are:

1. Edinburgh

2. Sofia

3. Prague

4. Reykjavik

5. London

6. Krakow


8. Vilnius

When you plan a stag weekend abroad, make sure you book your flights in advance to get better deals, and cling to your passport at all times. Losing a passport in a foreign land is the last thing you need on a stag weekend.

Winter Stag Activities

Winter stags offer endless options for the perfect activities to make your weekend special.

1. Snowboarding - Combine the thrill of downhill skiing and skateboarding and go snowboarding with the lads. Zip along a snow covered wonderland, race against your mates, or just enjoy the experience before heading back indoors for a warm alcoholic drink .

2. Snowmobiles - For the daredevil stags, manning a snowmobile is the ultimate adventure. While it takes skill and a little time to get a hang of these bad boys, once you do learn how to tame them, you're in for a thrilling joyride. Glide past glaciers and cut over frozen lakes to impress the lads and other spectators while adrenaline pumps through your veins.

3. Bobsleigh - Add some Olympic excitement to your winter stag do. For the sake of chills and thrill, climb into a gravity-powered bobsleigh and torpedo down an Olympic standard  track at excess speeds. We'll split your group into teams so you can engage in a competitive bobsleighing and  crown your own winter stag champs.

4. Tobogganing - Hold on for dear life! This addictive high octane fun activity will have you shooting at lightning speed down an extremely narrow track whilst your navigation skills are tested to the limits.

5. Ice Hockey - Strap on a pair of skates and battle it out with the lads at the ice hockey rink. As one of the toughest sports, you'll need skill, balance and good luck to maneuver and glide on the snow polished ground. But don't fret it! It is supposed to be a fun and healthy competition.

6. Skiing - Strap on your skis and hit the slopes with the lads. The activity can be so much fun;  while skilled skiers will seamlessly glide through the nursery slopes, the beginners in the group are bound to have a few hiccup moments and maybe end up face planting on the snow covered ground. A few laughs and thrill of the rush will make this a great activity for your stag do. However, make sure you practice safety and don't put yourselves in danger.

Having braved the cold, you can warm up with some drinks at the local bar.

With your activities sorted and bookings made, all you need to do is pack your bags and get into the spirit of the winter stag do.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 15th August 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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