Wednesday Wisdom What To Do If The Stag Can't Make It

Last week, you may have read about the story where an Irish stag party advertised for someone to replace the groom-to-be on their weekend away in Krakow. The stag had managed to fall down the stairs and break his ribs, so applications were open for someone to go instead of him.

The criteria that the replacement stag had to meet was as follows: Get to the airport, pay the ?‚? 100 to have the name changed on the flights and answer to the nickname'Eamo' for the weekend. Simple, right!

Well, someone didn't hesitate in answering the stag weekend beckoning call and went away to Krakow! It got us thinking as to what you can do in the worst case scenario of a stag being unable to make it? Here is what we have come up with!

Do what those lads did

First things first, let's go with the topical idea of advertising for a replacement stag. Everything is likely to have been paid for, so at worst they're going to need cash to change the name on the flight tickets and some spending money.

This means all the activities and accommodation bookings won't need to change as your numbers are still the same. It is also an opportunity to add another fellow to your band of brothers!

Cardboard cut out

Disaster has struck and your stag can't make it! But he doesn't want to ruin it for everyone else; after all, you've paid for the flights and accommodation so you may as well go!

Your friendship group is a tight-knit one'you don't want a replacement! So, what could you do? Get a life size cardboard cut-out of your missing man of course! This is something that is tried and tested by stag groups and is a great laugh.

Take it in turns to carry the cut out and make it your stag party mission that your stag makes it back to the hotel. The cut out will also look hilarious in photos!

Hire a lookalike

This suggestion might sound a bit extreme, but why not hire a lookalike? Perhaps you are a stag party with a large budget and want someone there that can remind you of your mate!

There are loads of websites where you can hire lookalikes. Admittedly most of them are for celebrities, but at least that means if you can't find one, you could hire a celebrity lookalike and make it look like you mixed with the stars!

Get a celebrity guest

Again, if your budget is on the larger side, why don't you try and acquire a celebrity guest to accompany on your stag voyage? Let's be realistic, you're not going to get David Beckham or Alex Turner to join you on your lads weekend'you may have to aim a little lower.

There are plenty of Z-list celebrities who would love to go away on a stag weekend for the fame that would surround the story! So, if you don't mind putting up with someone who is likely from a reality TV show, you could find yourself a replacement!

Bring the party to the stag

If your stricken stag is unable to go because of injury, then why not take the stag party to him? Get the lads together and head round to your mates with some beers and have your very own stag house party!

After all, if your stag is having to miss the weekend away that he had been looking forward to, he's going to need cheering up!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 19th October 2016

Author: George Crewe

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