Wednesday Wisdom How To Prepare For The Stag Hangover

Certain things in life are inevitable; death, taxes and being hungover after your big night out on a stag weekend! There's no sugar coating it I'm afraid, you are going to feel terrible, but it's all worth it for the greater good of the stag celebrations.

Think of your usual big night out on the town and times it by ten, then you get somewhere near to knowing how the stag do is going to go. Allow us to prepare you for the stages of your hangover the next day, so that there are no nasty surprises.


The first stage of your hangover will strike in the form of the worst dry mouth you have ever experienced! You will awake in the early hours unable to feel even a drop of saliva in your mouth and will be reaching around for the nearest bottle of water.

You could strike a match on your tongue, it's so dry. Once you've re-hydrated, you will want to brush your teeth to rid the cocktail of beer, tequila and cigarettes from your mouth. Then, it's time to crack on with more beer!


You look to your bedside and you can't see either your; keys, wallet or phone. The other problem is that your memory of last night is extremely sketchy, so you haven't got a clue where you last had them.

Take a deep breath, you probably haven't lost them (we take no responsibility if you have) and they will show up. You go to the toilet and see your wallet next to it, your keys are still in the hotel door and your phone is stashed under your pillow with a photo of last night's stripper up. Guilty.


Time is of the essence on a stag weekend – not a second can be wasted! It's time to get up and embrace the day, or at least go to the toilet to sort yourself out for a start will do.

When you first stand up, you will feel as if you have aged a good 20 years – your body will creak and crack. Then you're unsure if you need to be sick or not; best to run to the bathroom to find out.


So, whether you have thrown up your guts or not, you now need to eat something. Some of us love eating when we're hungover, for others, just the sight or smell of food is enough to throw up again.

Whatever your state of mind, it's going to serve you best to eat something – especially if you're about to embark on round two of the stag! Head to the nearest greasy spoon and order a large fry up with a big glass of orange juice and coffee, you will feel right as rain!


As you tuck into your fry up, stories will begin circulating round the table of all the funny stuff that went on the night before. It's at this point you realise just how much you had to drink and how battered you were.

You'll hear about bars that you don't even remember stepping foot in, drinks you don't remember drinking and women you don't remember dancing with! And yes, you DID send that text to that person!


Well, after hearing all of that, the only way to get over the shock and horror is with an ice-cold pint. No stag weekend is complete with a solitary night out, this is the beginning of round two!

Get all the lads on board and start mapping out the plan for your second big night on the town!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 17th May 2017

Author: George Crewe

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