Wednesday Wisdom How To Last The Duration Of The Stag

Let us tell you, a stag weekend is not for the faint hearted. Not just anyone can rock up and fully participate. It requires stamina and durability of the highest order, whether that's in the bar or with the activities your stag organiser has got planned.

We are well practiced in what it takes to last the duration of the stag with over 20 years' experience in planning and participating. With that in mind, we have picked out a few handy tips to ensure that you are the last man standing on the next stag party you visit. That is, of course, unless you are the groom, sorry there's no words of wisdom that can spare you!


As with most things in life, it pays to be prepared, and preparing for a stag weekend is no different. We're not talking about buying new clothes for your trip, they won't help you last the duration I'm afraid. We're talking about preparing yourself for the weekend drinking ahead.

Now, if heavy weekends are something that you are used to, then you're at least halfway to knowing what a stag weekend is like. You will rarely be without an alcoholic drink in your hand from first moment to last on a stag do, so it pays off to give yourself a practice run; especially if you're not a particularly heavy drinker.

Before you go, it's an idea to go on a day session with some of the lads to fine tune your body's ability to sip pints from midday, all the way until the early hours!

And of course, make sure you drink responsibly…


Depending on how well your pre-stag training goes, you may or may not already know how to pace yourself when it comes to putting away the booze on a stag do. We don't want to sound like a nagging parent, but honestly you will be best served to drink at the rate best for you.

By all means, enjoy a couple of beers at the airport, but don't get plastered to the point where they won't allow you fly. We've seen it all before and no-one wants the stag interrupted before you have even taken off!

Pacing yourself is also important once you arrive. If you start on the shots in the afternoon, it's highly unlikely that you will be partying come the early hours!

Drink beer throughout the day and then make the switch to spirits when you've got the no entry signs for any more lager. This method is tried and tested!


If you are to stand the test of the time during a stag weekend, you are going to need to stay in one piece.

It happens from time-to-time, we drink too much and end up doing something that seems a perfectly good idea at the time, but really isn't. Such drinking injuries could really put an end to your stag weekend.

No-one wants a visit to the local hospital over the weekend. Equally, no-one will willingly volunteering to be the one that has to push you round in the wheelchair for the remainder of the trip.

So, stay safe and don't do anything stupid! Well, within reason!


Lastly, on our advice to last the duration of the stag, you need to ensure you have the energy to last the weekend. And where do you get your energy from? Food.

Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing after a heavy night on the razz is eating, but it's the best thing you can do! Try and find a greasy spoon and we're sure it will sort you right out!

Wash it down with a big glass of orange juice or strong coffee and you will be right as rain to go again!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 7th June 2017

Author: George Crewe

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