Wednesday Wisdom How To Celebrate St Patrick's Day

As you're probably aware, Friday is St. Patrick's Day. The patron saint of Ireland's day is the most celebrated of its type. Celebrations stretch far and wide, all over the globe. Streets are filled with green wigs and an unimaginable amount of Guinness will be consumed.

Talking of the Guinness; that's the real reason why this day is celebrated so fondly. Any excuse for a piss-up!

So, wherever you are in the world, here are some handy tips on how to make the most of Friday and get in the spirit.

Go Green

The colour that is synonymous with St. Paddy's Day is green. Streets will be lined with the colour as parades take place and people spill out of pubs. In Chicago, they have even dyed the river green in homage to the day!

Now, to ensure you're in keeping with tradition, you need to dig something green out the wardrobe. It could be a hat, a shirt or any other item of clothing; there are no set guidelines.

If you're feeling extra traditional, why not dress head to toe in the colour? No doubt there'll be others doing the same!

Strictly Guinness*

This isn't an option. The only drink you are allowed is Guinness. An estimated 13 million pints of the black stuff will be consumed on Friday. To maintain that stat, it's important that you drink it.

The Irish stout is arguably the most recognised alcoholic drink all over the world, with its distinctive look. You will do well to find anybody without a pint of it in their hands in pubs and bars around the world on Friday.

*The only exception to drinking Guinness is when the night draws to a close. At this stage, you are permitted to switch to an Irish whiskey such as Jameson.

Eat Like the Irish

All this drinking requires the stomach to be lined accordingly. And if you're going to have a good feed, then why not tuck into some traditional Irish grub?

Start your day off with a Full Irish breakfast, it's a real treat. Similar to a Full English, this variation has all the same ingredients, but with the addition of black and white pudding. Once you've scoffed that, you're set for a shed load of Guinness.

As the day wears on, you may need another meal to soak up the beer. What you need is a hearty portion of Irish stew, served with some soda bread. This traditional dish packed with tender lamb and root vegetables will set you up for the last leg of St. Pat's Day.

Learn the Moves

The Irish love their traditional music and pubs doing St. Patrick's Day properly will have a live band playing in the evening.

Irish music isn't for everyone, but no-one can deny that it gets people on their feet; especially after several pints. Before you know it, you'll be up on the dance floor looking like a modern-day Michael Flatley.

All the above can be done on pretty much any given day in Dublin, so why not speak to us about celebrating your stag weekend over there?

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Date Posted: Wednesday 15th March 2017

Author: George Crewe

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