Wednesday Wisdom How To Boss Easter Weekend

We're going to go ahead and make a bold statement: This weekend will be the best one of the year! “Why?” We hear you ask. Because it's a four-day weekend!

The Easter period provides Good Friday and Easter Monday as UK bank holidays and we are ever so grateful. We've got a load of lads going away on stag weekends for it, but if you're not one of those, let us give you some expert advice on how to make the most of your bank holiday bonanza.


Let's be honest, as soon as you leave work on Thursday, the first thing on your mind will be going to the pub. It sure will be for us!

British tradition tells us that when we don't have work the next day, we should make the most of it by going on the piss. And who are we to argue with such wonderful tradition? There's a real buzz around bars and pubs over a bank-holiday weekend, with everyone soaking up the care-free atmosphere.

Said bars and clubs also know how to appease us lads enjoying a bank-holiday by putting on events such as beer festivals and live music. It's worth putting a few suggestions on the group chat in preparation for the weekend!


Another tradition for us Brits when it comes to a long weekend, is watching all the sport that's on. The sporting schedule is put together to make the most of us being off work, so there's plenty to watch over the weekend.

There's another bumper weekend of Premier League action and if you're a fan of a club outside of the top-flight, your team will be playing twice over the four days!

It's also the start of the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield, which is always a special tournament. Sunday sees the third race of the year in F1 with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

So, whether you're going to watch something live, or just accompany your visit/s to the pub with watching the action; there'll be plenty to discuss!


What's one of the worst noises in life? It's got to be your alarm going off for work in the morning. One of the best feelings about a long weekend is turning your alarm off for a few days.

You can actually have a lie-in and get up when you want. Let's be honest, you're going to need one if you've been on the piss the night before.

Sure, you might want to make the most of your days off from work and get up at a reasonable hour, but we recommend lying in bed until midday on one of the days!


Easter Weekend comes a close second to the festive period when it comes to eating. Diets pretty much go out of the window with all the food and drink we consume. Oh well, it's tradition!

There's a good chance you'll be having a big family meal on the Sunday and if you're out and about you're likely to end up tucking into a kebab in the early hours of the morning.

Of course, the food synonymous with Easter is chocolate. It may be more about giving kids Easter eggs, but there's likely to be loads of chocolate in your house this weekend and we say go ahead and tuck in. The gym and diet will still be there on Tuesday…

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Date Posted: Wednesday 12th April 2017

Author: George Crewe

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