Wednesday Wisdom How To Ace Being A Best Man

Being a best man - a conundrum that many of us lads face at some point in our lives. Initially, you are overjoyed; after all it is an incredible honour being asked to be your best mate's right hand man!

Then, you realise how much responsibility is on your shoulders and that you have to do a speech in front of all the guests. No pressure! Luckily for you, with our experience, we have some great tips to make sure you are the best, best man!

Sort the Stag

Right, let's start with the fun part'the stag do! As best man it is your job to rally all the troops together for a stag party to remember. You have a few options to consider at first; are you just doing a night? A whole weekend? In the UK or abroad? Depending on how much your stag likes to party, this should be a relatively straight forward decision.

Perhaps your hardest decision will be arranging what to do on the stag do. Is it just going to be a piss-up? Or are you looking for something a little more cultured with some activities thrown into the mix? That's where we come in and can help you plan something that is for everyone'even the in laws!

We have everything you could ever dream of covered, so just call us! We do all the hard work and you take all the glory. Job well done!

Get the Groom There

Fast forward to the big day and it's time to get the groom to wedding fit and ready to take his vows. We recommend you avoid a skin full on the eve of the wedding; there's nothing wrong with a couple down the local, but you don't want it turning into a proper session.

Your best mate is going to be a nervous wreck in the morning (most likely) so it's your job to calm his nerves. Get him to force a hearty breakfast down him'you don't want his stomach gurgling at the alter! As with the night before, there's nothing wrong with a couple of drinks to settle the nerves but then you need to get the groom there on time. Remember you have to be there in plenty of time before the bride.

Bring the Rings!

Traditionally, it is the best man's duty to carry both of the rings'so don't forget them! The most symbolic moment of a wedding ceremony is when the rings are placed on the bride and groom's fingers, again no pressure!

Keep them in a safe place up until the wedding day and then check, check and check again on the big day that you have them on you. Would you really want to be remembered as the best man who forgot the rings?

Super Speech

This is the best man duty that every man struggles with the speech! Best men can often be found in the toilets at weddings giving their lines one last going over, or at the bar taking in some Dutch courage!

The best man speech is difficult to weigh up; how much should you embarrass the groom? Can you tell his now father in-law about the time he threw up all over himself? We have some great advice on how to write a legendary best man speech fortunately for you!

Fun Police

Now that all of the formalities are out of the way, it's your job to make sure everyone is having a good time! Ensure everyone's drinks are full and fill that dance floor'there's nothing worse than an empty one at a wedding.

Make sure both sets of families are mixing, but at the same time you don't want any fall outs that will ruin your best bud's day! Be prepared to dance with any family'old and young!

And Finally

Take the groom aside to share a drink with him. After all, you will have already been through a lot together (that's why you're the best man) and it's time to make a toast to the next chapter of your bromance!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 5th October 2016

Author: George Crewe

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