Wedding Speech Order

When it comes to wedding speeches, it is good to know who speaks when. This way, any embarrassing confusion can be avoided during the reception, and everyone gets to prepare their speech accordingly.

While the timing of the speeches can vary greatly between cultures and religions, having a set order is important, especially for a groom that is preparing their speech. There is a traditional order of speeches that you can follow in order to subside some of the confusion.

However, we urge you to get creative with the order, and add or subtract elements as you see fit. It is your big day, after all.

Who comes first?

Traditionally, the host of the reception is the first one to give a speech. They use it to thank everyone for showing up and making the event. While earlier this honour was reserved for the bride's parents as they paid for the event, times have changed.

Nowadays, many weddings happen with equal contributions from both, the bride's and the groom's family. For this reason, it is common for the bride and groom to make the first speech.

The Groom's Speech

After the host, it is the turn of the groom to speak. While the speech can be a little funny, it is mostly about thanking the people that made the wedding possible, while telling the bride how much she is loved. The groom's speech also addresses the groom's family, along with the family of the bride.

Once the speech is done, the groom usually makes a toast to the parents, his groomsmen, the bridesmaids, and of course, his new wife. While it is not a tradition, many weddings feature a speech by the bride as well.

The Best Man

When it comes to wedding speeches, the best man speech is the main event. However, in recent times, a speech by the maid of honour has also become popular.

At the end of this speech, a toast is made to the newly wedded couple.

Wrapping it up

After all the speeches are done, the best man would proceed to read message from guests that could not be present at the wedding, before giving a few closing remarks.


After reading this blog post, we hope there is no more confusion about the order of wedding speeches. However, if you are struggling with what should be included in the speech, this article might be helpful Grooms Speech.

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Date Posted: Friday 2nd March 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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