This Best Man's Checklist is The Only Thing You Need to Follow!!

Being chosen as the best man, for your mate who is about to be married, can be one of the very best moments of your life. However, as soon as you are chosen for this huge task a large number of responsibilities have already formed a cloud above your head. For some, this might turn out to be a tricky business…

So keeping that in mind, we have prepared a checklist for you that involves a comprehensive list of tasks that you have to fulfil (or, are at least expected to), until the wedding is done!

Picking the right suit - Since the groom is also busy in the wedding preparations, he might be bit jittery while choosing the right suit. You need to speak to the groom and help him in selecting the best one available.

Get a gift for the groom - You have known your best pal for years and now it's time to make sure that you give a gift to him as a mark of your friendship. Choose the best thing and present the gift, either at the stag do or at the reception.

Throw a stag do - No wedding is complete without this activity. Ask the groom what he wants and get an idea of his preferences. Make sure to key in any unique demands by the groom for his stag do!!

Check arrangements for the accommodation and transport - The groom won't be having the time or the brain to check and keep a tab on everything, just before the wedding. This is where you come to help as you can make sure that the accommodation for the guests is made and the limo is waiting outside the reception when it's done!

Wedding rehearsal - You have to make sure that everything goes according to the way it should, on the wedding day and checking everything at the wedding rehearsal is a must. Give your speech and ask others to prepare their toasts as well!

Stay the night before and take care of the rings - It is a very common thing for the groom to be nervous on the night before the big day, so it's a good idea to stay with him and have a drink. Do not forget to take the rings and keep them safe with you until the time comes.

Be the director! - Yes on the big day make sure that you direct the photographer and help the guests to be seated. Take care of the gifts section and make sure you keep them in a safe place. Also, greet everyone with a smile and enjoy yourself!

Help in the ceremony - Once the ceremony begins, perform your jobs like, escorting the maid of honour down the aisle and giving out the rings to the groom. Do not forget to sign the legal witness documents

Jazz up the reception - Once the wedding is over escort the guests to the reception area, and help everyone mingle. Dance with the maid of honour and perform the fun rituals.

Make the best speech - The last part of your duties, give the most heartfelt speech ever for your best friend that defines your friendship over the years and wish the couple a happy life!

Once all the items on this checklist are completed you will be the best, best man ever!!

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Date Posted: Friday 16th March 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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