Stag Outfits

Stag outfits are the staple of any successful stag night. The question is, will you capture the attention of the ladies, or end up looking lame in a hastily-put-together “posh chaps” outfit? Preparation is key, gents. Get together, thrash out a few themes and come up with something that makes the whole bar give you a round of applause!

Here are a few more of the best ones we've ever seen...

All the Batmen

The Caped Crusader has been through some memorable incarnations in his time - so imagine our surprise when all of them turned up in one bar, for a Dark Knight themed stag do! We're talking campy'60s Adam West, lantern-jawed animated Batman and scary Christian Bale-alikes. Awesome.

Sporting legends

Great for chaps who like to show off those manly bods, dressing up like legendary sporting heroes ties in perfectly with all sorts of summer sporting events. We once saw a stag party dressed as Team GB (with an additional Usain Bolt!) enter a pub in perfect slow-mo, singing the theme to Chariots of Fire. Now that's what we call making an effort!

Classic movies

Dressing up as the cast of a classic film leaves plenty of room for interpretation.

The best stag party movie outfits are ones everyone recognises: like ET or The Goonies. Make the groom wear a rubber alien suit, stick a teatowel over his head and push him around in an oversized bike basket. For the first two hours of the night, he's only allowed to communicate by waving his finger around and saying “Elliott” in a croaky voice!

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Date Posted: Monday 16th February 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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